Bruce returns to Hessle Audio with an impressive 3 track EP. Larry Mc Carthy from his real name, seems to take his time, with only 3 releases to his credit. Yet he was able to dig in among the most interesting english producers at that time. His last release for Hessle Audio showed us a personal and precise sound design producer who likes to play with the audience’s perceptions through 3 tracks made for the dancefloor. With this new release the young producer goes farer, marking up step by step his very own universe and a recognizable sound palette.

Steals is an UFO in the english techno galaxy, but is playing with it. Broken rhythms and deep basses are mixing up and bumping into one another on the main track, which form seems to progress over the listening. Bruce appears to like deconstructing club music, playing with it to create an unberable tension. If the piece might seem chaotic from time to time, the producer knows what he’s doing, and his tones are carefully chosen, leaving nothing to chance.

B-side, even more abstract and yet still efficient, is bringing him farer in his search for a personal sound, both subtled and brutal unequivocally. “Relevant Again“, like « Steals », is a visible chaos with a breathtaking exactitude. You gradually go from the abyss to the light, the piece turning out little by little by his frequencies’ and modulations’ games. « Petal Pluck » is probably the EP’s most minimal, with a handful of disparate elements mixing up cunningly and ramping up. Bruce also uses silence as a way to call out the listener and create surprise.

Steals marks a step in the producer’s journey. Defining more precisely his universe with relevance, this EP supports an experimental, unconditional and radical vision of club music.